Today is Tuesday, March 24th, 2020. Day 5.
First the rain Sunday, now the wind is trying to clean the air of this. In my life, this moment would have been inconceivable, and I think I’m using the word correctly.

Both Amazon and USPS volume were very light, and the same with FedEx Express. However, drivers for UPS and FedEx Ground both commented on the tremendous volume their warehouses are contending with.
The amount of businesses that are closed are creating backup at the facilities to a critical level. The carriers will now be returning packages to sender immediately following an unsuccessful delivery attempt.

Today the shop was closed to the public, and will be through the rest of this week, Mailbox Holders only. Also the minimum amount of traffic, just enough for Mailbox Holders to get any mail and packages.

The amount of support we are receiving daily from the customers is extremely comforting. These decisions we are faced with are very difficult to adhere to, so congratulations to our customers and our neighborhood for being so diligent.

Ukiah, Gloria, Barbara & Justin


Well, the rain has started, it’s just too bad the rain can not wash us of

Nothing to report as of this quiet Sunday on Pierpont.
The shop will be closed to the public tomorrow and until further notice.
Please redirect any incoming faxes or emails for now.
We will be evaluating our position daily, and I’ll send updates.

Unfortunately, I will not be performing notaries.  Please check with me if
you are in need and I’ll try to come up with some backups.

The Post Office at 675 Santa Clara was open Saturday and should be open
tomorrow to the public.
FedEx Office at 4360 E Main St. at Telephone, (805) 339-2000, should also be
open for office needs e.g. copies, faxes, scans, they may have notary,
please call before you head in to make sure nothing has changed.

I hope you are all staying as productive as possible during these past few
days.  I wish I could have a garage sale.

I will be available by phone 805-654-1913 for any questions that only I know
the answer to.
See you all real soon.
Gloria, Barbara, Ukiah and Justin


Friday Update

Today was a good day,

Each carrier was able to contact me to arrange delivery.

Today, the shop was open to Mailbox Holders and closed to the public.  This schedule will continue through Monday.

I am only available to release packages and mail to Mailbox Holders,  I will be at the shop 10 am till noon Saturday.

There are no outgoing services.
There are no counter services of any kind
There are no register transactions.
There will be access for Mailbox holders who have a front door key or are picking up a 24 hour key.

I am arranging to meet Fedex and USPS in order to get sorted by 11ish tomorrow, (Saturday), and currently, the same should be on Monday.
Please call me first if you want to see if the trip is necessary, 805-654-1913

Thank you for the tons of support from all of you, that means alot.
I’ll send another update this weekend if I hear anything.
Tomorrow will be a good day too.


EXTRA! EXTRA! Important News From Coastal Postal

As news comes in, Coastal Postal is now under orders to be closed from tonight, 3/19 until further notice.
Therefore, the shop will not be open during the regular hours this Friday and Saturday, we will assess the situation daily.
I will be available by phone tomorrow on the shop line, 805-654-1913 to try to answer any questions as I get answers for my own questions.
Carriers are expected to have very limited services, I am not sure until tomorrow precisely what. Should any deliveries be attempted, I’ll get what I can.
I do expect to have some sort of schedule as soon as possible.
Stay safe, and please stay tuned for updates.
Justin, Barbara, Gloria and Ukiah.

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